This is a powder sugar mini donuts wedding cake. It was made with about 350 mini donuts. We can also make a white wedding cake using vanilla glaze. The advantage of the powder sugar one is that we can build the cake while the mini donuts are still warm and very fresh. While to make a glazed cake we have to wait till the mini donuts are cold, so we can glaze them.

Roses are pesticides free.

This is a velvet mini donuts wedding cake. It was made with about 650 mini donuts.   

We can also make the cake  with regular size donuts instead of mini donuts. 

Roses are pesticides free.

Someone sent us this picture. We have not made this cinnamon wedding cake yet, but we certainly could, with either regular size donuts or mini donuts.

This couple wanted to do something symbolic but different. Instead of having a wedding cake, they decorated one of our mini donuts right out of the truck.

Couple was ready to leave. Beautiful couple; beautiful wedding.

Here is another couple who decided to have a symbolic act with our mini donuts, instead of a wedding cake.

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